Keyword Training

Knowing how to do keyword research is EVERYTHING.

Almost every aspect of your online blog/business/website marketing is affected by really good research.

Keyword research is the biggest aspect of this research thing (I will be covering other research methods in the niche research section).

If you know how to do keyword research it will boost each aspect of your business.

This will include initial niche research, then core keyword research, then silo keywords, then long tail keywords and finally specific product choice and local search keyword research.

Get help for your own keyword research

While this site is still new, I will be offering you the opportunity to get personal help with your own keyword research.

The reply will be in video form and will get posted live on this page (the blog section at the bottom) for everybody to see and get some form of benefit from the reply.

To get help, please use the email form below and state that it is for keyword research help. I cannot promise that everybody will get help – it would depend upon the demand.


Get Started Here

01 – Warning Video



02 Intro – show beginners what keywords are used for

03 – What are keywords and why do you need them

04 – Actual keyword research – Google Keyword Tool

REVISION COMMENT – November 2022

I now only ever use this tool if I am actually going to run ads.

it has changed a lot.

05 – Actual keyword research – Keywords everywhere Tool.

Update November 2022

This is my current favourite tool.

It is also not free anymore. It costs about $5 and those are credits that can last a few months, so it is well worth it.



06 – Actual keyword research – Answer the public Tool.mp4

07 – Actual keyword research – trending keywords

08 – Fancy keyword tools

09 – Random chatting intro to the silo structure section.

10 – Getting silo keywords from the keyword tool

Update November 2022.

I now do my keyword silos manually from all the keywords I collect.

I do have a current training course on this if you need it. email me and ask.



11 – Random silo examples and chatting about keyword research and silos

12 – Sorting the silo keywords doing the menus and installing the plugin

13 – sorting the silo keywords and adding them to the silo structure inside the website

14 – Content writing tips and some linking details discussed

14.5 Content Types Explained

15 – Editing the page on the website

16 – Part one of me doing the initial website design and layout so I can start to add pages

17 – Part two of setting up the basic design of the website

18 – What is spinning – article spinning explained

19 – How to spin an article the wrong way and hand spinning articles

20 – Using article directories for keyword related content

20 – using mass page builders for content

Local leads research video

Summary of my entire keywords course

The shortcut stuff can be found in the shortcut blogging course and other courses of mine that you will find on the home page here.

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